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With the generous help of my grandma, I am spending this spring and summer learning how to garden
by plunging in headfirst. This blog is a narrative of my adventures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weeds, Onions, and Some Pretty Flowers

I got rid of all the clover and crab grass that had crept its way into the upper garden. The poor carrots were all tangled up in clover, so now the garden is looking much better. I also put a fresh layer of leaves under the tomatoes.

I harvested the lettuce from the lower garden. It all seemed to survive, though some of it is kind of stunted. It's probably nearly radioactive with all the chemicals running off from the country club during the flood, but I'll try it. And look...it's an onion!
I pulled up some of the weeds around them and they're doing better than I thought. I have some questions about onions for anyone who cares to answer. First of all, do they like this tropical rainforest weather or are they just extraordinarily hardy? Secondly, is the onion supposed to stick out of the ground like that or has the rain washed away the soil? Lastly, how do I know when to harvest them?

Since I didn't have a lot of interesting things to photograph today, I thought I would show you how beautiful Grandma's garden looks right now:

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