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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drowning Plants

Here's the good news: My mom finally found the spray I've been looking for for the cabbage plants. Bachman's was the place to go, it turns out.

Here's the bad news: I couldn't spray because I couldn't even get in the garden. It's flooded. When Grandma told me my peas were underwater I envisioned a little puddle in the lowest part of the garden that would evaporate in a matter of hours. I didn't picture this:
Ironically, you can see the hose in the right hand corner. I won't be needing that for a while. It looks less catastrophic from this angle:
Really less than half of the garden is flooded, and it's mostly the new plants (hardly the peas at all, actually), and they're much bigger and presumably hardier. The whole yard is inundated though, so it may take a while for the waters to recede. Grandma has a pond and off through a little wooded area is a lake that I think belongs to the neighboring golf course. There's so much water that the lake and the pond are currently adjoined. This isn't the best picture, but the trees in the foreground are where the border of the pond is supposed to be and the reflective patch in the background on the left is the lake:
Basically, I wondered if it might be wise to start building an ark. And as soon as I left it started pouring. Ugh. Weather. On a happier note, the spinach in the upper garden is growing nicely:

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  1. It has been raining in Baltimore for days. Every year I try to improve the drainage in part of my garden. The sun came out this morning. The roses are battered, the weeds are loving life. Get after that thistle.