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Friday, May 4, 2012


It was a full day in the garden. I spent a little time in the greenhouse transplanting the rest of the pepper and eggplant seedlings, but mostly I was outside on this glorious day.

Grandma and I discovered some spinach in the upper garden. I should say, it's most likely spinach, though when I planted it I still didn't have row markers so I'm a little unsure. The days of guesswork are over, though, because Grandma picked up some paint stir-sticks at the hardware store today (they're free, as opposed to row markers, which are a dollar a piece) and I dutifully marked everything I've planted so far as best as I can remember.

Mostly I spent the day weeding in the lower garden. This was a bit of an adventure because the weeds are big and the vegetables are sort of hard to see sometimes. The peas are pretty obvious. They're in two rows and they've really taken off. But the lettuce is still miniscule and I had to try very hard not to step on it or pull it up with a clump of weeds as collateral damage. And the spinach. Oh, the spinach. It should be between the lettuce and the peas. Grandma and I crouched down on our hands and knees, our noses four inches from the ground trying to find something growing in a row. Grandma even knows what spinach should look like. She found two little plants that may or may not be spinach. So I pulled things around the area that are definitely not spinach in the hope that it's inconspicuously growing somewhere, but not too good at disguising itself as a weed. Because then it has probably been wadded up in my fist and thrown into a pile in the corner. Woops.

I also prepared the rest of the garden for my cabbage family and onion seedlings by spraying with weedkiller. I know, enough with the weedkiller. But it's completely overgrown and there's not much else I can do if I want my plants to have a fighting chance. Next year after another tilling things should be a lot easier. Anyhow, tomorrow I'm going to plant the cabbage family and onion seedlings.

I'm sorry. This post is way too long. I'll make up for it tomorrow with lots of pictures.

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