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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early Pictures

You guys are due for some pictures, so I took a few shots today. On the right are the strawberry containers with pepper and eggplant seeds. Grandma says this is the best way to start the warmer season plants. They're on a heating mat in the greenhouse right now. The reason we haven't started tomatoes is because Grandma gets those from the Edina Garden Club (or something like that) so I didn't buy any.
Here are the aconcagua pepper seedlings, a "non-bell sweet pepper" that is "mildly peppery at both the immature green and ripe yellow stages," according to Seeds of Change, which is where I bought my seeds this year.
Below is what the garden looks like from the top of the hill. That's where I planted the peas, lettuce and spinach yesterday and where most of the other crops will go. The eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes will be in a separate, open garden at the top of the hill.

And this is the inside. It's not much to look at yet. We're saving the aspens in the corner and hoping the weedkiller takes care of the mulberries and the box elders. That strange greenish mound in the middle is a currant bush. But everything else is soil just waiting for seeds.
My next set of pictures should be more appetizing, or at least less brown.

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