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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Imposters

Happy Easter!

I haven't actually been over to the garden for a few days, but my grandma told me at our Easter family gathering today that the first seedlings to sprout (those cute little guys you saw in the picture in my last post) were not peppers at all, but weeds. I probably should have realized this immediately since they were growing in a clump rather than the rows in which I planted them, but I guess I just assumed I dropped a few seeds too close to each other. No matter. The actual aconcagua peppers are sprouting, along with both eggplant varieties, the orion f-1 peppers, and even our "mixed pepper" container, which is planted with a variety of mostly hot pepper seeds that Grandma had left over from previous planting years. We weren't sure those would sprout at all, but they seem to be holding their own.

So all is well in the garden today, despite the weeds' brief movement to occupy the strawberry containers.

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