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With the generous help of my grandma, I am spending this spring and summer learning how to garden
by plunging in headfirst. This blog is a narrative of my adventures.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce the Cabbage Family

My grandma and I decided early on in this adventure that to make things easier I wouldn't plant absolutely everything from seed. Grandma recommended I purchase cabbage family seedlings (the cabbage family consisting of cabbage, brussels sprouts, brocolli, cauliflower, and a few other things) when the time came (the time being mid-April).

Mid-April came and went and I had no cabbage family seedlings. I finally made it to the Minneapolis farmers market yesterday, and considering it was only the end of April I figured I hadn't done too badly. Except I walked through the entire market twice and no one had any seedlings. One stand had some Asian hot pepper seedlings, but I have enough peppers, thanks.

So today I went to Home Depot and picked up some red cabbage, brussels sprouts, brocolli, and cauliflower seedlings, as well as yellow onion seedlings for good measure. I know what you're thinking. I just put my coolness in a picnic basket and sent it over Minnehaha Falls for typing the words "Home" and "Depot" in the same sentence. But they have great prices and at least I tried the farmers market first.

It will be a few days before I get my cabbages and co. in the ground. I hope they will forgive me for being a little late. And I hope my organic, Seeds of Change plants don't shun them for being from a big box store.

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