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With the generous help of my grandma, I am spending this spring and summer learning how to garden
by plunging in headfirst. This blog is a narrative of my adventures.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Watering Day

It turns out those promising seedlings I found yesterday are in fact not lettuce. They're "way too enthusiastic" according to my grandma. So it looks like nothing has sprouted yet. I hoed away at a few grasses and things that are clearly not plants I want, avoiding what I hope are my rows.

Since we haven't had rain for a while, the garden needed watering. Because it's situated at the bottom of a hill it stays well irrigated and I didn't have to dig very deep to find damp soil, but it's been a dry spring.

During my work today a very persistent song sparrow (I think) accompanied me with a lovely tune. He was singing from the same spot last week too. Must be lonely. I hope he finds his girl soon.

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