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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Please...Take My Seedlings

I have way more seedlings than I can possibly plant so if you want some, they're yours. I'd feel bad having to kill the little buggers. Even if you don't like eggplants or peppers, they're both beautiful plants, so you can just have them to look at. I've included a description (from the Seeds of Change catalog) for each type of seedling I'm trying to get rid of:

Vittoria eggplant: "Early maturing and productive...purple black, cylindrical fruits with mild flavor and firm texture. Great for slicing and grilling or pan frying."

Rosa Bianca eggplant (heirloom): "A...white and pink blushed Italian variety with a delicate, mild flavor, creamy consistency, and no bitterness. Considered one of the best by gourmets and gardeners alike."

Orion f-1 pepper: "Abundant, large green to red, blocky bells with thick walls...Widely adapted and BLS resistant."

Purple beauty pepper: "...Ready to eat when the fruits turn a stunning, deep purple with a green undertone. Crisp, succulent...thick-walled fruit. Very productive."

Let me know if you want a seedling or two!

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